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Hip Hip(po) Hurray for Water Savings at CIT


 Santa Comes Early With Hippo Bags For CIT


Hip Hip(po) Hurray for water savings at CIT! The Clean Technology Centre's (CTC) Christmas gift to CIT this year is a very useful set of Hippo Bags to help CIT reduce its water usage (and costs). The Hippo Bags will be installed by Building & Estates plumber Ken Cummins. The Hippo bags are a simple displacement device placed in each toilet cistren.


The Hippo Bags will save 1-2L of water per flush and in a high occupancy site like CIT it is estimated that payback will be approximately 4 weeks!!

The Hippo Bags will save CIT 37m3 of water every week with a cost saving of €86 per week! That equates to a saving of 740 beer kegs full of water each week!

Thanks CTC!





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