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Canteen divert 1.1 tonnes of organic waste


Canteen divert 1.1 tonnes of organic waste from landfill



Congratulations to the CIT Canteen for diverting 1.1 tonnes of organic waste from landfill in March. Decaying organics in landfill generate Methane gas (which is 25 times more potent than CO2 gas).


The three bin system introduced in february separates waste at source into dry recyclables, organic waste and residual waste. The organic waste is sent for composting - thus diverting it from landfill.


The hard work put in by the canteen staff is commended and your persistent support is essential for continued success. Please bring your tray to the drop off points and separate your waste according to the graphics provided.


The Canteen are members of the Green Hospitality Awards and hope to be audited in the comming weeks for the award.




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